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Glass Agencies, 5309, Anaj mandi,
Ambala Cantt – 133001, Haryana , (INDIA),

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0091-171-2633027 (o), 0091-171-2640566 (F),
0091-9416024836 ( Anil Chopra ) & 9896807858 (Nitin Chopra).
Our Other Sits
Aneroid Barometer Demonstration

Aneroid Barometer demonstra

Centrifuge Machine

Centrifuge machine, digital display & speed controller

Demonstartion Electric Motor

Demonstartion Motor

Demonstration Dynamo Model


Fire Extinguisher

Fire extinguisher

Fly Wheel Unit

Fly Wheel

Glass Prism

Glass Prism

Gold Leaf Electroscope

Gold leaf electroscope

Magnifier, Handlens




Microscopes prepared slides

Microscopes prepared slides



Winshurst Machine

Sieve Shakers

Sieve shakers

Slotted Weight



“GLASS AGENCIES” An ISO 9001:2008 Certified Company, having Manufacturing experience in the field of All type of Scientific Instruments, Laboratory testing instruments, Chemistry Lab appratus, Physics Lab Apparatus , Biology Lab Apparatus, Physics Laboratory Instruments, Chemistry Laboratory Instruments, Laboratory Apparatus, Chemistry Lab supplies since 1946. Today Glass Agencies not only serve indian market, but exports 100% of its products to Africa, Middle east & Europe.

Accumulator, Aneroid Barometer, Burette Brush, Copper Calorimeter, Cork Borer, Compass, Crocodile Clip, Deflagrating Spoon, Magnifier, Horse Shoe Magnet, Leslie's Cube, Pendulum Bob, Plug Key, Micrometer Screw Gauge, Slotted Weight, Spatula, Spherometer, Stop clock, Test tube, Tuning Fork, Vernier Calliper, Wave Motion Apparatus, Wind vane, Wheatstone bridge, Bunsen burner, Gas tap, Water tap, Filter paper, Litmus paper, Boss head, Retort stand, Burette clamp, Tripod stand, Baromerter fortins, Linear expension apparatus, Newton colour disc, Sonometer, Optical Bench, Resonance apparatus, Ripple tank, Microscope, Educational charts, Globe, Human Skeleton, Potentiometer, Resistance box, Ammeter, Concave Lens, Convex Lens, Spring Balance, Glass Prism, Watch Glass, Chemical Balance, Physical Balance, Spirit lamp, Reagent Bottle, Petri dish, Anemometer, Counting Chambers, Haemocytometer, Heamoglobinometer, Hygrometer, Membrance filter Holder, Micropipette, Soil Moisture Meter, Viscometer, Beaker, Burette, Condenser, Measuring cylinder, Conical Flask, Gloves, Funnel, micropipette tips.


Glass Agencies, 5309, Anaj Mandi, Ambala Cantt – 133001, Haryana , (INDIA),
Contact Us : 0091-171-2633027 (O), 0091-171-2640566 (F), 0091-9416024836 ( Anil Chopra ) & 9896807858 (Nitin Chopra).
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